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28 June 2009 @ 09:18 am
We've come to the end of Black and White!! There's no words for it... at all!! I was literally in the edge of my bed...

Spoilers and ramblings for ep. 23Collapse ) next stop is the "Final battle"
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21 June 2009 @ 10:50 am
Episode 21 started off with Operation Arrest Ying Xiong!

With Chen Zai Tian yelling "I want him alive!!" So these policemen didn't dare to shoot Hero. In the end, Chen Zai Tian failed to arrest Ying Xiong.
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18 June 2009 @ 05:48 am
(spoilers ahead)
I just really need to get this out! Black and White ep. 20 is EPIC! I really didn't see that one coming! I mean, I was expecting already that Zai Tian is not really the mob boss' son. I was surprised that Ying Xiong, who hated the mob boss the most, turned out to be the real son and the way they let Zai Tian know about it was the cruelest things i've ever heard! ever! When Da Yan said, " He's cutting of your relationship from now on, you can keep the house and the car" and he said that through a phone call!! A PHONE CALL! I feel sorry for Zai Tian. No wonder he turned his handsome self into "black"! All his life, he was being used. The mother that he knew and loved turned out to be using him to protect his real son. Then there's the mob boss who claimed himself as his father, that's why he picked Zai Tian in the streets, gave him a full facial surgery ( thank god for that! i love Pi Zi's face now), a nice house, car,and lot's of money and he even became a cop as a return! Then his partner Ying Xiong, it turned out that he is supposed to be in Zai Tian's position, and he was protecting Ying Xiong unknowingly all along. A few episodes back, when the hamburger girl got killed he said "In my world only her (hamberger girl) and the mother is real.. and everything I own is fake"  He was totally right except for the mom part because we all know what happened to that. It's gotta suck to be him! I'd go crazy and kill myself if i we're him!

After all the shocking revelation is done and after Zai Tian went to the underpass and shoot the heck out the shadow of his past, the chief talked to him. At this point , Zai Tian is already wearing a black shirt and is a sign that he is changing. At first I was like, "awww finally! someone is nice to him" then i realize what he's doing! He's trying to build up Zai Tian's bitterness and anger into something fishy! Of course he succeeded! Thanks a lot chief! Now he's gonna arrest his partner / best friend!! urgh!

Will Chen Lin turn Zai Tian into white again after their make out session? LOL who freaking knows? Black and White always surprise me!

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17 June 2009 @ 10:04 pm
I created this account mainly for fangirling purposes and an extension of my main blog-candypink.co.cc. I will most probably blog about Asian Dramas,most likely Taiwanese Dramas and Asian entertainment Idols.

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